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thirteen year old milla jovovich by herb ritts
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i was havin a great time until i remembered that i was ugly

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Every time I hear this song, all I do is think of you.. I remember it was the song you played in the car after I told you it was over. The song that we were yelling over.. When you told me you didn’t want to be without me & that you couldn’t face the pain of losing me again. What sucks is after 4 years of knowing each other, you never once opened up to me until that night.. I remember the crying & the screaming & all the times you called me crazy. And I still remember the look you had in your eyes as you watched me walk away; the little glimmer of hope I watched fade into the darkness. It’s been months & I haven’t been the same since.. We don’t even speak anymore, you don’t know how many times I fought the urge to call you.. But I hope you’re doing well. I pray you’ve found someone better & regained hope. Cause it sucks to know that I’m the person who dimmed someones light.. You’re the reason I’ve been different with others, the reason I’ve been distant, the reason I stay up so late & think so damn much. And this is all going through my head because my iTunes was on shuffle, all because I just heard this fucking song.. Fuck. 
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Opaque  by  andbamnan